Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my brother's flickr

go look at it.

today was fockinnn freezing i swear i almost died. toby made me super angry but whatev. i lost twelve pounds somehow so i feel really really good. going to make spicy noodles to celebrate. this may defeat the purpose a bit, but it's okay. i'm happy today.

thought i'd add to the hilarity

Jason Ledwidge 30 March at 19:09
this is going to seem quite random..but i am running out of fuck buddies..are you up for a session in the easter?

Sorrel Moore 30 March at 21:11

really really not..

Jason Ledwidge 30 March at 21:12
fair enough

Sorrel Moore 31 March at 21:47
& do you know what
i have one more thing to say to you

I'm really fucking insulted that you would even think of propositioning me with that. Like who the fuck do you think i am and what in your disgusting little mind thinks I would touch you with a barge pole. Come on now...

me sleep with you. darlin' try a mirror

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH i've never laughed so much in my life

Monday, March 29, 2010

binge and shame spiral.

today i ate one packet of super noodles, three packets of hula hoops, two tangerines, several yoghurty things, a shitload of butterkist popcorn, some weird chocolate bar, crabsticks, and drank a lot of cherry coke and lemon tea. this was in about an hour. it actually hurt. oh and i had a large quarter pounder meal with a cheeseburger earlier in the day. i don't know what happened, but i just ended up in bed with a mountain of food. i'm sure most of it is still whole, i don't bother with chewing when i get like this. literally, i have got to be done eating for the week. it's disgraceful. and i used to have the common sense and some semblance of control to get up and complete the damn circle, but no, i lay there in bed watching youtube and cramming more food into my mouth. i have a feeling it's going to be one of those weeks where i eat until it hurts, and then i'll eat more. whether i manage to control myself is a completely different story. i wish my mother wasn't home so i could fix myself. i want to move out so i can be alone with my everything. i just need some solitude. desperately. and you'd think i get enough alone time, but i never feel alone when i'm at home because i'm constantly reminded of people. i need to find a soundproof box and sleep in it. this is really, really bad. i'm going to go and take a shower and try not to feel disgusting.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

manicure kits and headache

so my mother gave me a manicure kits with all these weird patterns in it and i'm procrastinating, so yeah. they're like paint splotches if that makes sense. i have a terrible headache so i took a bunch of painkillers and maybe it'll go away. chemistry ISA tomorrow, have to memorise some shit. i'm sure i did something wrong in the practical but eh.

i'm not feeling terribly interesting.

Friday, March 26, 2010

that pistol-packin' hermaphrodite

today has been a good day. it was a bit cold at around break, but it wasn't so bad after. got chips and went back to whitmore, mr ford and matt then ate most of said chips. matt then superglued himself to a superglue bottle and a student's work - we took photos. buffed more shoe polish into the boot and then buffed that over with a cloth. my arms ache. sushi dinnnner - yum. then my mum shits all over it by being a moody bitch, but whatever. she was telling some stupid story about my father/me as a child blah blah blah. i hate how she always makes him sound like a cunt. just because he fucked up really badly doesn't mean he was always a total dickbag. it's irritating. and i'm fat.vnefa;bisdkvz b.dfnsl fucking fuck fuck balls. i like food too much. some people quit drinking, i have to quit eating. balls. food is just so delectable. this is why i never went down the anorexia path, but then again it's not like bulimia is a better option. ugh. i feel like shit, and i feel like i want a drink. i just want to lie here and drink and read a book and pass out. things are bad again. even though they were good. i'm so screwy atm with the moods and the feelings and shit. one minute i want to punch something, the next i'm crying my eyes out. or then i feel the urge to ring anyone i have a possibility of getting a shag from. this year has been somewhat turbulent. and my heart hurts.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

i like sunny days.


i bet tyrone felt like total shit

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

watching line girl instead of sleeping

it's 1:23 and i'm going to lse tomorrow. just spent a good ten minutes thinking about the dreams i have lately and the ones which used to happen over and over again. some are nice, and some are terrible. i don't know what to think. the dream i had with you in it is particularly painful because it makes me think of you, which isn't exactly my idea of fun. i wish things were different, but shit happens i guess.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Give us back Tupac Shakur and we will send you Soulja Boy
excuse me while i die laughing.


and i need to pick up one of their massive sack bags. and just yummy in general. i'm a happy bunny today.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


i lol'd

watching house.

the anatomy illustrations in the starting sequence are beautiful. my back hurts and i don't want to go to work.

Friday, March 19, 2010


fuck you, just go and die in a hole somewhere. just go fuck yourself up the arse and die. ugh, you are a piece of shit and you don't even know it. can you just go away? you're a piece of fucking shit! why the fuck are you going to ruin my day with your shit? i hate you but i kind of don't so please just go away and stop filling my head and my news feed with your shit. and your love. and your bluebirds and your sunshine just fuck off. please. UGH you're such a fucking douche and you don't know how i feel and you have got to be as thick as two short planks not to get it. but i guess you don't see it because you don't see me which is horrific, but then again you're a fucking wanker.

fuck. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck shit fuck.
i am going to stab someone.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


honestly i think i'm having some kind of jekyll and hyde moment, how can i feel like shite again? i'm exercising which should release endorphins and make me happy. i should be happy because i'm doing this the healthy way but i'm kind of not. fucking balls. i'm going to work out until i fall over, or cry. then have a shower and crawl into bed. i suppose i'm better off this way. being happy makes me eat.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

losing my religion

vikipants and georgepants

every whisper
of every waking hour I'm
choosing my confessions
trying to keep an eye on you
like a hurt lost and blinded fool

hmm. i think that everything is alright at the moment. things are okay and i don't feel bad inside. i don't feel worthless anymore, and i don't know why, but i'm glad for it. i have maths homework to do and an english cw piece to polish for friday, but that's okay. perhaps this is some kind of momentary happiness brought on by the weather, or perhaps i've had one of those realizations without even realizing. if that makes sense. i still miss how i was when i was a lot younger. maybe 8. but i was a spoilt bitch at 8. one of those precocious know-it-all kids who made you want to punch them in the face. after everything, i think i'm better. as better as i'm going to get by myself. and that's okay.

Monday, March 15, 2010


outfits schmoutfits
i'm very tired. i have an english essay for judith in for tomorrow and then my final version of my death of a salesman recreative piece w/commentary for friday. it's nice knowing i'm not failing english. listening to idlewild, eating candy canes.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


nom nom i have butterface from this angle but it's ok. just did a seven hour shift at the restaurant but it's cool because i have moniessssss. ripped a nail off taking the bins out = pain. the restaurant was hot and busy. lil' bit like your mum.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

mm, just got in from work.

i have spicy beef noodles mmmm

i feel kind of empty at the moment despite the fact that i'm full of said noodles. i still don't know what to do. i still don't know if i'm just imagining the something i need to fix. i feel fucking terrible. absolutely fucking terrible.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


more old [drunk] pixx

okay so i did incredibly badly, i.e two E's and U, but i talked with andrew and the rest of my teacher and they say there's a possibility of some kind of mix up. because i know i was working harder than an E/U. not A standard, perhaps, but definitely not that low. so something will be done about that. i've got a terrible cold so i'm not really looking forward to going to work.

but i think that at the moment life is alright.


and in the space of about an hour i feel a bit like life is not good again. perhaps i'm just paranoid. not really sure what to do about this, if to do anything at all. what to say?

i don't think you care anymore. if you did at all. i just want to lie here and think of you.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

i'm naked in the dark

hai oldpix

i'm working on my personal statement. it's going awkwardly. i also have to apply for my pinsent masons law placement. fuuck this is so long. i need to get better reference for my summer work, i only have the ones from '06. i have a headache. i should do some exercise tonight, i haven't done so over the weekend. although work is so exhausting it may as well be a workout..

'it's only temporary if you stop drinking'


my etsy rings came in the post yyyyyyaayy

sorry i look a bit efjbnv.el had a slight disagreement with the mother, etc.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

csi sundays

best part of the week. staying at georgia's tomorrow night, going pubbing and then college in the morning being that her house is practically next to my college. probably rolling in hangover but do i care? NAY. i'm pretty tired from work but i'm trying to guard against collapsing early because then i'll wake up at 5 am. and 3-6 am is a dangerous time for me to be awake, so i plan my sleep schedule around this. i'll let myself sleep in about twenty minutes.

i'm not doing much in the way of creative input. i want to scrap my room but cba. i'm decorating a new folder, but i have to buy some shit from staples to actually finish it. mostly glitter and sticky wrap. my old folder has defunct clips and is kind of ragged. by the time i finish this folder it'll probably be halfterm, so i'll use the new one after. i have too much time to plan these things. i wish the folder was white because then everything would stand out really well on it. but it's red. you must be able to get white ones, i'll look the next time i'm in staples. and i need the silver/gold markers. and perhaps nib tippex. and holographic card. and tissue paper.

okay so i need to restock a lot of shit. and i want to move out into some poky little flat with dirty wooden floorboards and chalkboard painted walls. just so i could draw all over everything, and when i got bored i could wipe it all off and start again. or maybe i just want to move out..

quick posttt

photos for lookbook

i have work today ew. last night was so tiring.

work was tiring.

i didn't serve one dish today because i was so busy serving drinks and wiping dishes. not to mention the fact that i kind of need a drink and i was face-to-face with a liquor cabinet for most of the day. i'm exhausted but can't sleep for some reason. and i need a fricking ciggggg ugh this is bad. i'm seeing jason tomorrow which i expect will be a nice way to relax after work. well, not relax as such, but whatever. i saw something earlier which irritated the hell out of me, but oh well. no-one gets my point on this, or why i hold it, but i don't feel like i have to explain. or that i know how to explain without explaining other things that should be left alone. fuck fuck balls.

i'm going to sleep, more work tomorrow.

Friday, March 05, 2010

went back to whitmore

picked up some of my art things - sketchbooks and smaller pieces. i'll have to get my mum/some-one with a car to help me take the massive pieces home. to my surprise, dan was sitting at the reception desk - i thought he was touring or something. said hi, etc etc, went to find ford and had a chat with him as well. the year 11's are doing their exam pieces at the moment so i had a peek. there's this one boy who does these amazing flowing forms - he's getting a*'s in everything, he is quite likely to be a complete genius. i'm absolutely knackered and after i finish putting my old work onto shelves and whatnot i am going to have the nicest nap ever.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

so i went shopping

bought a cream version of the blue long-sleeved thing i have from primark, and some leggings. weather was stupid today. i have a surprisingly small amount of work today, but i need to work on some other things. i've been exercising every day since monday or so. endorphins are fun. i'm determined to be healthy about this. things are nice at the moment. i'm happy. even though i miss you i'm still happy. does that make sense? i don't know. i don't mind that i don't know. maybe i've just come to a realization.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

i'm a realist. i'm a romantic. i'm an indecisive piece of shit.

hhheeeellllloooo cribs

so yesterday i found out that since around aug/sept i have managed to gain a stone. i don't know how. i don't seem to look any different. nonetheless, it has to go. 9.5 stone is not a normal weight for me.

OH and i love D&G

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

having nail polish orgasms

i especially love the orange and the blue.

top row left; second row left and right; third row right; last row left and middle

these are so gorgeous. i'll have to order online because i have no idea where to buy china glaze in the UK. and i have to order some things from sephora. and i'm waiting for the rings i bought off etsy to arrive :) i also want to get OPI's Hong Kong collection.

mmm jade is the new black is yum.

Monday, March 01, 2010


love hobos on scrubs. going to make a braided ribcage shirt as soon as i buy another pack of plain tees.
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