Friday, March 05, 2010

went back to whitmore

picked up some of my art things - sketchbooks and smaller pieces. i'll have to get my mum/some-one with a car to help me take the massive pieces home. to my surprise, dan was sitting at the reception desk - i thought he was touring or something. said hi, etc etc, went to find ford and had a chat with him as well. the year 11's are doing their exam pieces at the moment so i had a peek. there's this one boy who does these amazing flowing forms - he's getting a*'s in everything, he is quite likely to be a complete genius. i'm absolutely knackered and after i finish putting my old work onto shelves and whatnot i am going to have the nicest nap ever.


  1. Oohhhhh wow :) that's awesome ^^ xxxx

  2. i made two giant pelvises. however, i was one step away from creating a giant phallus. ahhh, phallus.



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