Friday, August 27, 2010


been reading some john keats lately. all this work for college is stressing me out. i ate a fuckload of bread today so that's going to come back to me in any number of horrible ways. going to power plate on tuesday afternoon, but i must take up running. it's constantly raining now and i don't like the idea of running in the rain because i might slip, fall and land on a slug/worm and that would be too disgusting to imagine. i feel like this year will be different in a weird way but i don't really want to get too much into thinking. i've been super panicky lately and i don't know what's going on.

adolescent sex - japan
brown eyes - lady gaga
infinity - the xx
body in a box - city and colour

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

today, i spent moooolah

-black buckled heels
-grey men's knit with elbow patches, which i love.
-black tee with breast pockets
-two pairs of polka dot sheer black tights, one small polka dots, one large.
-grey legwarmers; i've pondered these for a while and i decided to buy some.

pictures of other things later. i'm very tired from reading. so far i've chowed down 21 books which isn't a lot considering how long i've been here. i discounted a few trashy chick lit novels, but i'm nowhere near what i want/need to read. a lot of things i've read are on the reading for pleasure book list from college, but i am yet to delve into the gothic reading list. and also the books i took from the english cupboard. there's about 14 and i must read 10, if not all of them. i MUST read wuthering heights and complete a reading log, and i have some maths work from krysia i should try and get to grips with. history, have to read the french revolution book, and i also have one from dad. should start planning essay for c/w. i'm dropping chemistry faster than the speed of light so it's all good in that area.

i reckon i'll read about 60 books this summer, if not more. hopefully more. i need to immerse myself in literature sooner rather than later.
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