Wednesday, November 09, 2011

it's been a while

i've been rather busy at university getting drunk, writing essays and generally having an excellent time. but here are some tidbits for you all, in case you're still around :)

american apparel very briefly did this in forest, which is the colour i desperately wanted; however it sold out in record time. by the time i got to it there were only XS and S sizes left, and i'm a L in AA most of the time. i'm tempted by this blue - i'm attempting more brightness in my life.
i got this for £1 in a charity shop in falmouth; the charity shops here are absolutely incredible! there's so much houndstooth and tweed and suede and velvet it's making me cry with happiness.

l-r; skull ring, miss selfridge. blue stone ring, topshop. black sapphire and diamond ring, thailand. silver cross ring, urban outfitters. rust stone ring, my mama bought somewhere.

silver stackable initial ring; i got a v and a c.

the mandarin jacket in this was £6 from this amazing vintage shop called mondo trasho in falmouth.

i have a dentist appointment for my wisdom teeth soon, so i'll leave now. those who are still reading me, thank you for sticking around :)

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