Sunday, February 27, 2011

shred shred shred

my shredding obsession has returned after seeing an incredible look from Karl Leuterio on LB. you can check out his looks on his lookbook, and he also has a blog.

i've always wanted to shred an entire shirt, but i've never sat down and just got on with it. i'm alos scared that i'd ruin it since i always get caught on things... i may have to go down to primark at some point and pick up a couple of plain men's t-shirts.

on a rather less exciting note, college starts up tomorrow. bugger.


i had them as model's own's plain blue before, with a blue tip on the ring finger. i got bored, as i do, and when nadia came round for stephen king saturday, we did nails. i ended up decorating the ring finger with blue polka dots, which i ended up disliking. i took it off today and went for the comic book strip nails, since this blue is the classic comic book blue, like in lichtenstein's whaam! i've done them before, but with a bunch of different patterns, and i really wanted to do them on all my nails.

i ended up doing the cartoon spiked balloons on thumb and ring finger; black lines and text, with white background and polka dots over the original blue. the index finger was light blue creme and dark blue glitter polka dots, and the middle and little fingers with just light blue creme polka dots. i need desperately to buy the seche vite quick dry topcoat; this manicure needs quite a few layers, and i get impatient waiting for them to dry. WHAM! CRASH! BANG! POW! i also considered BOOM! and KAPOW!

i'm watching cookingwithdog and pixiwoo on youtube at the moment. both are recommended; cookingwithdog is a japanese cooking channel narrated by a talking dog, seemingly, with a hilarious japanese accent, and pixiwoo is a makeup channel run by sam and nic, two gorgeous girls who do great tutorials, as well as really helpful guides on makeup.

i'm going to eat seaweed and learn how to make tempura now. and then go see how to look like veronica lake.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

things to note.

1) selling my possessions on ebay is only beneficial to my bank account if i don't spend the profits on new stuff. i made around £50 by selling various old items of clothing, and am now being led into temptation (and into the red) by a pair of dr martens. the retail price is £85, UO are selling them for £75 and i have a 20% discount code THEREFORE they are a mere £60. and i've wanted them for as long as i can remember. so i'm in a pickle. i loathe pickles.

look at them. LOOK AT THEM. christ they're beautiful.

2) it is not hard to get through my list of unseen films considering my lack of progress in the land of work. some recent views are
  • due date
  • whip it
  • the hangover
  • the 40-year-old virgin
  • the da vinci code
  • angels and demons
  • up
  • despicable me
  • wall-e
  • the virgin suicides
  • mean girls 2 [abysmal]
  • cruel intentions 2 [also abysmal]
i'm noticing a trend. sequels need to die.

3) i eat too much during half term. i also don't go to the gym in half term. conclusion; half term = weight gain and shame spiral.

4) i apparently am incapable of brushing my teeth correctly, as i have a new cavity. and a fractured tooth. how this came to be, i'm not sure - it's not like i open beer bottles with my teeth. or chew on gravel for fun. the dental hygienist - to put it lightly - raped my mouth, and there was blood all over the place.

5) i am itching for a new piercing. but i'm running out of ear space. and facial piercings will draw attention to my moon face. and i am not getting another body piercing as i would prefer for my mother not to have a heart attack/rage attack. they come hand in hand i suppose.

well that's all. i have no interesting fashion news. besides the fact that christian louboutin's spring 2011 shoe collection is so abominable that i can't even bring myself to look at pictures, much less post them.

and this is today's outfit.

jaeger blue cardigan
american apparel black u-neck dress
miss selfridge lace floral patterned tights

out of sight;
topshop gunmetal pumps
LK bennett navy & white striped cardigan

Monday, February 14, 2011


after reading this post on lauren's blog about the average british woman's make up bag being worth over £265, i thought i'd rootle through mine and see how much make-up i was carrying around. i was pretty sure mine wouldn't be astronomical, and would definitely not rival the worth of the electronics i carry around in my college bay everyday, but i thought i would do a picture post. i've not done an outfit post, or a beauty post, or anything that isn't the depressing monologue of my life lately... continuing in a similar vein, i thought i'd also do 'what's in my bag', blogger clich√© that it is.

this is my make-up bag - it's pretty small, especially when compared to the sacks i've seen some people carry around all day.

fasio liquid eyeliner = £7
bobbi brown long wear gel eyeliner = £15.50
refillable eyebrow shaper = 15 HKD, approximately £1
eyeliner brush, part of a set = approximately £4
sue moxley famous eyeshadow trio = £5
the spoolie i got from mac while george and i were browsing, i figured i needed one and they were free...
mirenesse red lipliner = 15 HKD, so approximately £1
clinique super balm = in a set, for the 4ml it's approximately £3
lancome l'absolu rouge lipstick = in a set, approx £5
arezia concealer = 20 HKD, approximately £1.50
the body shop lip and cheek stain = £10

lancome powder = £23
body shop face brush = part of a set, approximately £6

so my total racks in at £82, which is more than i expected but still not anywhere near the insane amount of £265. to be fair, i'm a college student and i don't have a job. however, all the make-up i have added up would probably come to an obscene amount of money, especially if you included nail polish. if i had a steady, well-paying job, then everything would be either bobbi brown, or MAC. even the brushes are over £20 a pop, so i'd soon be reaching that total.

just for comparison's sake.
ipod nano 4th gen = approximately £100
ipod touch 3rd gen = approximately £150
blackberry curve 8520 = approximately £130

...i think it's safe to say i will be insuring my electronics, not my make-up bag.

and here is my college bag's contents.
clockwise, from top left.
powder and brush, as they don't fit in my make-up bag.
my make-up bag.
cigarette tin.
books, notes, calculator & pencil case
turquoise clipper
koi carp zippo
ipod headphone speaker, urban outfitters
asos tortoiseshell sunglases
ipod touch
ipod nano
bottle of water

and the camera would be in there, but i used it to take the photo. clearly.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

last week's nails. i have new ones, but my middle finger on the left hand ripped off and they look odd with a short one. today was warm.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

you're so fuckin' special.

now i've just got the solzhenitsyn, the pratchett and the burdett to read. the last two are almost finished, so i could probably read them tonight. i went to the library and borrowed boris pasternak's doctor zhivago, and i've got to re-read the bell jar (sylvia plath) and a thousand splendid suns (khaled hosseini) for possible english coursework ideas.

i'm tired lately perhaps due to the new diet, and the weather. and i never feel like very much at all when it's cold and grey. i feel cold and grey, i suppose. i've been feeling strange this past week. i want to say disconnected but there's enough about me that's clichéd so i won't. i often wonder why i haven't made a screenplay of my life. or written about it in a medium that isn't this, or xanga, or whatever other places on the internet i like to purge my feelings into. perhaps it would be boringly obvious - my life is not interesting, as such. my life is not an exciting deviation. i'm not remarkable. i'm like any other kid whose parents aren't together because their dad shacked up with his secretary, or any other teenager who carves their arm into a mess, or any other girl with no self-esteem and attempting to recover from an eating disorder, or any other young person in britain who drinks too much, too often. i am not special. i'm almost painfully typical. isn't that funny though? i think it's absolutely hilarious, personally. in all my 'weirdness', in all the things that were supposed to make me different, i'm exactly the same as a million other people. it's so fucking funny that i forgot to laugh.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

boys don't cry

i can't seem to stop watching homeless mustard on youtube.

i've finished ben elton's blind faith, rosie alison's the very thought of you and have re-read toni morrison's beloved. i'm really doubtful as to whether i'm going to read the gulag archipelago until summer, since i have a mountain of coursework and no time. plus i broke the rule and started reading bleak house this morning.

in other news there is a sufficient amount of £££ in my bank account from selling my clothes and other items on ebay. i plan to sell more as i genuinely need cash and i don't wear half my clothes. this fund was originally for sonisphere - when i thought it was in late june - but now it'll just be for savings and whatnot. being that i used to have £200 - £300 in there at any time, my current £140 or so seems slightly paltry. i spend too much money on the internet.

american apparel has this way of luring me into temptation... i like clothes.

AA Cotton Spandex Jersey High-Waist Hot Short

i always wonder why american apparel have to be so descriptive..
AA Loop Terry Mini Skirt With Elastic Band

this skirt's been in and out of the basket but i just went ahead today. i'm feeling impulsive.

AA Unisex Stripe Knee-High Sock

that's not me. if only. i debated about the stripe colour and i figured black isn't gonna go terribly wrong.

lastly, for chuckles. i love the big bang theory. which reminds me that i should check whether there's a new episode out. i have no life.

also i'm fucking freezing here
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