Tuesday, February 01, 2011

boys don't cry

i can't seem to stop watching homeless mustard on youtube.

i've finished ben elton's blind faith, rosie alison's the very thought of you and have re-read toni morrison's beloved. i'm really doubtful as to whether i'm going to read the gulag archipelago until summer, since i have a mountain of coursework and no time. plus i broke the rule and started reading bleak house this morning.

in other news there is a sufficient amount of £££ in my bank account from selling my clothes and other items on ebay. i plan to sell more as i genuinely need cash and i don't wear half my clothes. this fund was originally for sonisphere - when i thought it was in late june - but now it'll just be for savings and whatnot. being that i used to have £200 - £300 in there at any time, my current £140 or so seems slightly paltry. i spend too much money on the internet.

american apparel has this way of luring me into temptation... i like clothes.

AA Cotton Spandex Jersey High-Waist Hot Short

i always wonder why american apparel have to be so descriptive..
AA Loop Terry Mini Skirt With Elastic Band

this skirt's been in and out of the basket but i just went ahead today. i'm feeling impulsive.

AA Unisex Stripe Knee-High Sock

that's not me. if only. i debated about the stripe colour and i figured black isn't gonna go terribly wrong.

lastly, for chuckles. i love the big bang theory. which reminds me that i should check whether there's a new episode out. i have no life.

also i'm fucking freezing here


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