Thursday, February 24, 2011

things to note.

1) selling my possessions on ebay is only beneficial to my bank account if i don't spend the profits on new stuff. i made around £50 by selling various old items of clothing, and am now being led into temptation (and into the red) by a pair of dr martens. the retail price is £85, UO are selling them for £75 and i have a 20% discount code THEREFORE they are a mere £60. and i've wanted them for as long as i can remember. so i'm in a pickle. i loathe pickles.

look at them. LOOK AT THEM. christ they're beautiful.

2) it is not hard to get through my list of unseen films considering my lack of progress in the land of work. some recent views are
  • due date
  • whip it
  • the hangover
  • the 40-year-old virgin
  • the da vinci code
  • angels and demons
  • up
  • despicable me
  • wall-e
  • the virgin suicides
  • mean girls 2 [abysmal]
  • cruel intentions 2 [also abysmal]
i'm noticing a trend. sequels need to die.

3) i eat too much during half term. i also don't go to the gym in half term. conclusion; half term = weight gain and shame spiral.

4) i apparently am incapable of brushing my teeth correctly, as i have a new cavity. and a fractured tooth. how this came to be, i'm not sure - it's not like i open beer bottles with my teeth. or chew on gravel for fun. the dental hygienist - to put it lightly - raped my mouth, and there was blood all over the place.

5) i am itching for a new piercing. but i'm running out of ear space. and facial piercings will draw attention to my moon face. and i am not getting another body piercing as i would prefer for my mother not to have a heart attack/rage attack. they come hand in hand i suppose.

well that's all. i have no interesting fashion news. besides the fact that christian louboutin's spring 2011 shoe collection is so abominable that i can't even bring myself to look at pictures, much less post them.

and this is today's outfit.

jaeger blue cardigan
american apparel black u-neck dress
miss selfridge lace floral patterned tights

out of sight;
topshop gunmetal pumps
LK bennett navy & white striped cardigan

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