Sunday, February 27, 2011

shred shred shred

my shredding obsession has returned after seeing an incredible look from Karl Leuterio on LB. you can check out his looks on his lookbook, and he also has a blog.

i've always wanted to shred an entire shirt, but i've never sat down and just got on with it. i'm alos scared that i'd ruin it since i always get caught on things... i may have to go down to primark at some point and pick up a couple of plain men's t-shirts.

on a rather less exciting note, college starts up tomorrow. bugger.


i had them as model's own's plain blue before, with a blue tip on the ring finger. i got bored, as i do, and when nadia came round for stephen king saturday, we did nails. i ended up decorating the ring finger with blue polka dots, which i ended up disliking. i took it off today and went for the comic book strip nails, since this blue is the classic comic book blue, like in lichtenstein's whaam! i've done them before, but with a bunch of different patterns, and i really wanted to do them on all my nails.

i ended up doing the cartoon spiked balloons on thumb and ring finger; black lines and text, with white background and polka dots over the original blue. the index finger was light blue creme and dark blue glitter polka dots, and the middle and little fingers with just light blue creme polka dots. i need desperately to buy the seche vite quick dry topcoat; this manicure needs quite a few layers, and i get impatient waiting for them to dry. WHAM! CRASH! BANG! POW! i also considered BOOM! and KAPOW!

i'm watching cookingwithdog and pixiwoo on youtube at the moment. both are recommended; cookingwithdog is a japanese cooking channel narrated by a talking dog, seemingly, with a hilarious japanese accent, and pixiwoo is a makeup channel run by sam and nic, two gorgeous girls who do great tutorials, as well as really helpful guides on makeup.

i'm going to eat seaweed and learn how to make tempura now. and then go see how to look like veronica lake.

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