Saturday, April 30, 2011


is both a great source of entertainment and procrastination.

films i've watched recently

films i need to watch

and nadia insists that i watch orphan, the kids, ken park and gummo but i'm pretty much a huge pussy and will only watch them in broad daylight. after our stephen king marathon, including it, i'm terrified. that clown is a scary motherfucker, and i'm not even scared of clowns.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

photo dump.

this is the most delicious sandwich i've ever had. incidentally, it was from a sandwich shop with a sign in the window proclaiming to have 'The Best Sandwiches In Amsterdam'. it was like a thousand tiny food orgasms. clarification; my face is superrrr hideous here but i like the picture, i didn't suddenly decide i'd look better as the comedian's badge

hello there. is this what heaven's like? parma ham, some crazily disgusting-smelling goat's cheese, more other it was beautiful.

the only picture i managed to get of the goldmember 'shmoke and a pancake' series. this would be cigar and a waffle, and it was also delicious.

one of the many spliffs. this would be supa lemon hazeeee.

the condomerie, which i didn't notice until i noticed the sign. it looked like a really incredible shop, but it was shut when we went by :(

me and my beautiful big face on the coach on the way to amsterdam. i think at this point we were had just gone past, or were just about to go past eindhoven.

trying to figure out the damn lock on my bike. ingenious system, but i'm clearly unable to work machinery. although backpedaling to brake proved easier after a while.

katherine and i in a GIANT clog :)

there's also a picture that i've taken from my camera in this photo, so it's got william from behind and katherine from the front, but no terry :(

so that's a photo dump for now, i don't have time to do much else, on the way to a lunch

Friday, April 22, 2011


on 4/20 i was in amsterdam, leaning out of the first-floor window and blowing out clouds of smoke, watching the trams go by. i'd almost forgotten the pleasure i get from being so high that all there is to do is lie there. i like to feel like i'm not in control for a little while. because i try really hard not let anything slip when i'm sober, and when i'm high i just feel completely wonderful. and it was incredible to just smoke it. all the receptionist had to say was 'open a window if you want to smoke in your room'. not only that, but the sheer quality was shocking. amsterdam has ruined me for shitty weed just like hong kong ruins me for any kind of food in this country. i've discovered that i am capable of riding a back-pedal bike, although not entirely safely. i now know that i have my three cities i'd like most to live in. hong kong, new york city and amsterdam. it didn't really matter that there was no A/C, or that a whole floor had one shower, or that the paint was peeling, or anything. it only mattered that i felt like i could stay for the longest time and never want to leave. i'm becoming less and less attached to london. i'm going to leave it soon, and it'll be in my memories, but i think that i will always associate england, and london, and harrow, with sadness. and i don't want to stay.

Monday, April 18, 2011

the love shop.

unless it is mad, passionate, extraordinary, love is a waste of time. there are too many mediocre things in life. love should not be one of them.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

picture perfect

last night i went out for nadia's birthday, which involved drinking, pizzzzzzaa and a lot of dancing. also, sobranie cigarettes which are seriously the prettiest thing i've ever seen. i also noticed that i haven't posted in a while, and my current condition means a post requiring a great deal of thought or brain activity could prove somewhat difficult. so this is going to be a rather image-heavy post, also because i was looking through my iphoto for a good picture of my current manicure. it's a favourite, so i recycled it from this christmas. outfits, random photos, clothes, thailand, etc.

the shoe/shorts+skirts/books cupboard.
still not the best picture, but miles better than the blurry and oddly-lit photobooth picture i managed.
sparrow cove; patong, thailand. took this from the boat going by, on the way to some other island to lie on the beach and/or suck at watersports.
butterfly/floral motif playsuit that i picked up at tk maxx recently, along with some carvela pumps. as always, i had to sew one of those popper buttons on to make sure the twins don't expose themselves.

a shot of one of the dozen or so beanie babies my brother and i still have; peace.
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