Sunday, April 10, 2011

picture perfect

last night i went out for nadia's birthday, which involved drinking, pizzzzzzaa and a lot of dancing. also, sobranie cigarettes which are seriously the prettiest thing i've ever seen. i also noticed that i haven't posted in a while, and my current condition means a post requiring a great deal of thought or brain activity could prove somewhat difficult. so this is going to be a rather image-heavy post, also because i was looking through my iphoto for a good picture of my current manicure. it's a favourite, so i recycled it from this christmas. outfits, random photos, clothes, thailand, etc.

the shoe/shorts+skirts/books cupboard.
still not the best picture, but miles better than the blurry and oddly-lit photobooth picture i managed.
sparrow cove; patong, thailand. took this from the boat going by, on the way to some other island to lie on the beach and/or suck at watersports.
butterfly/floral motif playsuit that i picked up at tk maxx recently, along with some carvela pumps. as always, i had to sew one of those popper buttons on to make sure the twins don't expose themselves.

a shot of one of the dozen or so beanie babies my brother and i still have; peace.

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