Sunday, April 24, 2011

photo dump.

this is the most delicious sandwich i've ever had. incidentally, it was from a sandwich shop with a sign in the window proclaiming to have 'The Best Sandwiches In Amsterdam'. it was like a thousand tiny food orgasms. clarification; my face is superrrr hideous here but i like the picture, i didn't suddenly decide i'd look better as the comedian's badge

hello there. is this what heaven's like? parma ham, some crazily disgusting-smelling goat's cheese, more other it was beautiful.

the only picture i managed to get of the goldmember 'shmoke and a pancake' series. this would be cigar and a waffle, and it was also delicious.

one of the many spliffs. this would be supa lemon hazeeee.

the condomerie, which i didn't notice until i noticed the sign. it looked like a really incredible shop, but it was shut when we went by :(

me and my beautiful big face on the coach on the way to amsterdam. i think at this point we were had just gone past, or were just about to go past eindhoven.

trying to figure out the damn lock on my bike. ingenious system, but i'm clearly unable to work machinery. although backpedaling to brake proved easier after a while.

katherine and i in a GIANT clog :)

there's also a picture that i've taken from my camera in this photo, so it's got william from behind and katherine from the front, but no terry :(

so that's a photo dump for now, i don't have time to do much else, on the way to a lunch

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