Wednesday, December 29, 2010

pastel sharpiessssss

bought some today and proceeded to colour in the roses on the peach/cream tights from topshop. two on the top of my thigh and one on the bottom of my foot. i didn't want to do the whole pair of tights so i figured i'd do it in a more subtle area.

revision is consuming me

Sunday, December 26, 2010

nail polish.

these are all the nail polishes i own. i have about twenty others but they're those really odd ones that come out of those debenhams make-up kits and they're all varying shades of shimmer. unwearable on their own, but helpful when layering and whatnot.

black and blue(l-r); rimmel - black out, george - deep blue sea, barry m - navy, barry m - cobalt blue, barry m - cyan blue

purples(l-r); barry m - 161, topshop - adornment, barry m - indigo, topshop - daredevil, barry m - bright purple

dark reds and plums (l-r); barry m - red black, nails inc. - victoria, revlon - vixen, rimmel - rapid ruby, nails inc. - hampstead heath, barry m - raspberry

reds and pinks (l-r); barry m - red glitter, revlon - red hot tamale, beautyuk - coral surprise, topshop - paint it on, revlon - plum baby.

golds and yellows (l-r); needme - 35, O.P.I - bling dynasty, needme - 39, rimmel - sunshine

greens (l-r); barry m - racing green, no.7 - totally teal, topshop - beyong the sea, barry m - spring green

french manicure (l-r); revlon - sheer mauve, O.P.I - sheer passion, O.P.I - alpine snow

greys and silvers(l-r); barry m - grey, CND - silver chrome, needme - 38

topcoats (l-r); NK-TC - pink topcoat, 17 - clear, barry m basecoat, topcoat & nail hardener - clear

due to the tube strike i'm not going to central london to fight though sale racks. i'm also unable to shop online as my cheques haven't cleared. i'm settling for chilling out in bed and possibly doing revision. i thought i'd do a post on my nail polish collection today. it's a decent size, although lacking in some colour areas. and i've been meaning to buy some cosmetic glitter for crazy nail art. did a gradient manicure earlier with some of the pinks and the reds.

black lipstick, barry m. it's tricky to do, but i think i managed it. for non-costume purposes, i'll probably wear this layered with red or pink, and gloss. i'd like to wear it on a daily basis but it would end up all over the place after lunch.. and i don't intend to sacrifice lunch to wear black lipstick.

Friday, December 24, 2010

just a couple of things.

1. the aldo shoes from asos arrived a few days ago. they're crazy high, but the wedge helps. i like them best with bare feet, and therefore legs, but it's too cold for that. tights aren't really an option since they make me slip out of the shoe. which is of course extremely annoying. i have a month to think about it, and even after i can sell them on ebay if it doesn't work out. but i love them too much. ignore my pastel socks, my feet were cold.

christmas pre-sale at debenhams, so i picked up a couple of things.

2. i made a necklace with a spare chain and all my old single earrings from claire's accesories. the tights are from the sale; black floral from miss selfridge, peach lace from topshop.
3. the skull ring was actually a two-finger ring with three skulls, but it broke... still wearable though, so no biggie. my left index nail snapped so now it looks silly :(
4. two necklaces from miss selfridge that i liked. the chains are superrrr long though, navel-length, which could become annoying. the leaf ring is from topshop, an adjustable two-finger ring, and the black sapphire and diamond ring is from forever ago in thailand.

5. this morning i got my mother to drop me off at debenhams at about 9 so i could get at the sale stuff before everyone else XD the corset was £15, and has detachable straps. the blue jumper was £10, and it's quite warm even though it's not chunky. perhaps the wool content is helpful.
6. i wanted to buy this but there's only £15 available in my account and it was £25, plus i'm seeing little fockers tonight with george and terence. it's silk, which meant it felt lovely, and it has a really casual luxurious vibe. once my cheques clear i'm going to see if it's still there, but i highly highly doubt it. it'll probably be gone by the end of the day. :(

christmas is tomorrow and i haven't a stitch to wear ;)



Friday, December 17, 2010


Alice took this first shot, which is quite a lot better than my slightly fuzzy one... check out the rest of her shots from the show at her blog. it's my favourite. not the best picture, but the cowl, the knotted belt, the pockets, the fabric - everything. loved this.

it's a shame i didn't get a better picture because this was so so pretty. the jeweled tights were incredible - i may have to do a DIY. the cape - incredible. like a wedding dress, but more fabulous.

the fabric seems to have been cut into these thin layers, almost. lovely detail. the buckle's nice.

the train is lovelyyyy

loved the gold 'paint splashes' on the trousers, the cape and the dress. also the shoe soles! & i love the pockets.

this wonderful except something about the buckle seemed wrong. the cape is to die for.

the detail on the train was gorgeousss.

the detail is astounding, and as always, i love the pockets.

i liked the thin belt, and the colour is fantastic.

also, the hair was lovely - undone curls and heavy fringes, mostly. third last had the best hair. it was lovely lovely. sadly we were only in the second row so i could only get side shots as opposed to slanted straight shots. some of the other dresses were beautiful but i didn't get good enough photos. ah, to have been one of the photographers at the end of the runway...

it's snowing :)

just a quick shot out of the living room window. i love snow :) hopefully this year there'll be a white christmas.

shoes that i just ordered from asos. i'm cheap so they're not going to arrive until after christmas, but i don't mind. i'm attracted to wedge heels more than stilettos, etc. i never have to worry about getting stuck in grates, and i'm less likely to fall in the snow and break my neck. and die.

i'm so jolly.

i wanted these - i tried them on in selfridges when i was with george - but unfortunately they are a) out of my price range even on sale b) preposterously high c) cursed with thin heels. knowing my luck i'll snap a heel and i cannot afford to snap the heel of these shoes. so they shall remain unbought. even though they are beautifullll.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


all my troubles seemed so far away?

okay that was pretty lame. events of last night. went to the stephane rolland show at the v&a which was incredible. the pictures are on my camera which george has because she's borrowed it for her media project. went to nando's after, snuck alcohol in and also saw frank lampard + kids, plus his girlfriend. walking through knightsbridge we found a kiddie scooter outside a charity shop which we all took turns on.

ultimately i ended up commandeering it and a ) attempting to enter harrods, only to be denied by the security guard, b) scooting all the way through knightsbridge c) scooting on the bus and most of the way through hammersmith broadway, d) scooting home from george's.

i love scootin'.

also, terrry is coming home today!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

21 days til christmas.

i'm not one to look forward to christmas on the whole. obviously when i was a kid christmas was fun and the presents were wonderful and even in hong kong without snow it was nice. but now it makes me stressed and angry and lonely and all i want to do at christmas is go home. instead i get to go through the double whammy of having to eat a lot of food so i don't look like i'm trying to starve myself and then having to hold in all existing fat and 'casually' lounge about. i can't do a casual lounge. i can't just sit there and not care about how my body looks because i spend every moment between working and hurting thinking about how my body looks. i try too hard to look like i haven't tried - isn't that ridiculous? i plunge into this depression pretty much every year and i'm finding more and more as time goes past that i don't care. i can't care. i just want to lie down in my bed and cry. and sleep. and cry. and sleep. and a combination of the two. i wonder what's going to happen to me.

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