Friday, December 17, 2010

it's snowing :)

just a quick shot out of the living room window. i love snow :) hopefully this year there'll be a white christmas.

shoes that i just ordered from asos. i'm cheap so they're not going to arrive until after christmas, but i don't mind. i'm attracted to wedge heels more than stilettos, etc. i never have to worry about getting stuck in grates, and i'm less likely to fall in the snow and break my neck. and die.

i'm so jolly.

i wanted these - i tried them on in selfridges when i was with george - but unfortunately they are a) out of my price range even on sale b) preposterously high c) cursed with thin heels. knowing my luck i'll snap a heel and i cannot afford to snap the heel of these shoes. so they shall remain unbought. even though they are beautifullll.

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