Friday, December 24, 2010

just a couple of things.

1. the aldo shoes from asos arrived a few days ago. they're crazy high, but the wedge helps. i like them best with bare feet, and therefore legs, but it's too cold for that. tights aren't really an option since they make me slip out of the shoe. which is of course extremely annoying. i have a month to think about it, and even after i can sell them on ebay if it doesn't work out. but i love them too much. ignore my pastel socks, my feet were cold.

christmas pre-sale at debenhams, so i picked up a couple of things.

2. i made a necklace with a spare chain and all my old single earrings from claire's accesories. the tights are from the sale; black floral from miss selfridge, peach lace from topshop.
3. the skull ring was actually a two-finger ring with three skulls, but it broke... still wearable though, so no biggie. my left index nail snapped so now it looks silly :(
4. two necklaces from miss selfridge that i liked. the chains are superrrr long though, navel-length, which could become annoying. the leaf ring is from topshop, an adjustable two-finger ring, and the black sapphire and diamond ring is from forever ago in thailand.

5. this morning i got my mother to drop me off at debenhams at about 9 so i could get at the sale stuff before everyone else XD the corset was £15, and has detachable straps. the blue jumper was £10, and it's quite warm even though it's not chunky. perhaps the wool content is helpful.
6. i wanted to buy this but there's only £15 available in my account and it was £25, plus i'm seeing little fockers tonight with george and terence. it's silk, which meant it felt lovely, and it has a really casual luxurious vibe. once my cheques clear i'm going to see if it's still there, but i highly highly doubt it. it'll probably be gone by the end of the day. :(

christmas is tomorrow and i haven't a stitch to wear ;)




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