Saturday, December 11, 2010


all my troubles seemed so far away?

okay that was pretty lame. events of last night. went to the stephane rolland show at the v&a which was incredible. the pictures are on my camera which george has because she's borrowed it for her media project. went to nando's after, snuck alcohol in and also saw frank lampard + kids, plus his girlfriend. walking through knightsbridge we found a kiddie scooter outside a charity shop which we all took turns on.

ultimately i ended up commandeering it and a ) attempting to enter harrods, only to be denied by the security guard, b) scooting all the way through knightsbridge c) scooting on the bus and most of the way through hammersmith broadway, d) scooting home from george's.

i love scootin'.

also, terrry is coming home today!

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