Sunday, December 26, 2010

nail polish.

these are all the nail polishes i own. i have about twenty others but they're those really odd ones that come out of those debenhams make-up kits and they're all varying shades of shimmer. unwearable on their own, but helpful when layering and whatnot.

black and blue(l-r); rimmel - black out, george - deep blue sea, barry m - navy, barry m - cobalt blue, barry m - cyan blue

purples(l-r); barry m - 161, topshop - adornment, barry m - indigo, topshop - daredevil, barry m - bright purple

dark reds and plums (l-r); barry m - red black, nails inc. - victoria, revlon - vixen, rimmel - rapid ruby, nails inc. - hampstead heath, barry m - raspberry

reds and pinks (l-r); barry m - red glitter, revlon - red hot tamale, beautyuk - coral surprise, topshop - paint it on, revlon - plum baby.

golds and yellows (l-r); needme - 35, O.P.I - bling dynasty, needme - 39, rimmel - sunshine

greens (l-r); barry m - racing green, no.7 - totally teal, topshop - beyong the sea, barry m - spring green

french manicure (l-r); revlon - sheer mauve, O.P.I - sheer passion, O.P.I - alpine snow

greys and silvers(l-r); barry m - grey, CND - silver chrome, needme - 38

topcoats (l-r); NK-TC - pink topcoat, 17 - clear, barry m basecoat, topcoat & nail hardener - clear

due to the tube strike i'm not going to central london to fight though sale racks. i'm also unable to shop online as my cheques haven't cleared. i'm settling for chilling out in bed and possibly doing revision. i thought i'd do a post on my nail polish collection today. it's a decent size, although lacking in some colour areas. and i've been meaning to buy some cosmetic glitter for crazy nail art. did a gradient manicure earlier with some of the pinks and the reds.

black lipstick, barry m. it's tricky to do, but i think i managed it. for non-costume purposes, i'll probably wear this layered with red or pink, and gloss. i'd like to wear it on a daily basis but it would end up all over the place after lunch.. and i don't intend to sacrifice lunch to wear black lipstick.


  1. woah, I'm so jealous, you have so many!

  2. everytime i go into boots or superdrug, i end up with either nail polish or eyeshadow. and a giant bag of cotton balls of course...

  3. luvvvvvve the collection! espesh the teal by barry m.. never even knew that existed... must go out and buy!
    and good too see dark lips.. i have a dark lipstick but ive never worn it! you make it look so nice :)


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