Friday, December 17, 2010


Alice took this first shot, which is quite a lot better than my slightly fuzzy one... check out the rest of her shots from the show at her blog. it's my favourite. not the best picture, but the cowl, the knotted belt, the pockets, the fabric - everything. loved this.

it's a shame i didn't get a better picture because this was so so pretty. the jeweled tights were incredible - i may have to do a DIY. the cape - incredible. like a wedding dress, but more fabulous.

the fabric seems to have been cut into these thin layers, almost. lovely detail. the buckle's nice.

the train is lovelyyyy

loved the gold 'paint splashes' on the trousers, the cape and the dress. also the shoe soles! & i love the pockets.

this wonderful except something about the buckle seemed wrong. the cape is to die for.

the detail on the train was gorgeousss.

the detail is astounding, and as always, i love the pockets.

i liked the thin belt, and the colour is fantastic.

also, the hair was lovely - undone curls and heavy fringes, mostly. third last had the best hair. it was lovely lovely. sadly we were only in the second row so i could only get side shots as opposed to slanted straight shots. some of the other dresses were beautiful but i didn't get good enough photos. ah, to have been one of the photographers at the end of the runway...


  1. That cowel dress was one of my favourites too- So sophisticated and gorgous!

  2. godd all these are gorgeous! And you're right about the hair, those curls truly are lovely :)


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