Tuesday, December 06, 2011

take me down to paradise city

this is today's outfit. i really don't have much else to update on, i have essays and no money, and therefore not a great deal of shopping has occurred. perhaps after christmas one's bank account will be replenished...

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

it's been a while

i've been rather busy at university getting drunk, writing essays and generally having an excellent time. but here are some tidbits for you all, in case you're still around :)

american apparel very briefly did this in forest, which is the colour i desperately wanted; however it sold out in record time. by the time i got to it there were only XS and S sizes left, and i'm a L in AA most of the time. i'm tempted by this blue - i'm attempting more brightness in my life.
i got this for £1 in a charity shop in falmouth; the charity shops here are absolutely incredible! there's so much houndstooth and tweed and suede and velvet it's making me cry with happiness.

l-r; skull ring, miss selfridge. blue stone ring, topshop. black sapphire and diamond ring, thailand. silver cross ring, urban outfitters. rust stone ring, my mama bought somewhere.

silver stackable initial ring; i got a v and a c.

the mandarin jacket in this was £6 from this amazing vintage shop called mondo trasho in falmouth.

i have a dentist appointment for my wisdom teeth soon, so i'll leave now. those who are still reading me, thank you for sticking around :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011


i've been incredibly busy lately. my results, seeing everybody before we go off to different universities, and the fact that there are builders tearing my room and bathroom apart. a few things.

  • i got A*AB and will be going to exeter to read english.
  • i have not gained or lost a significant amount of weight, just slightly tanner.
  • i have been doing a lot of shopping, in both hong kong and england.
  • i have now started watching jersey shore and cannot stay away from it. it makes me laugh so hard i cry a little.
in others news, i have new purchases from yesterday. in my hunt for a chunky black jumper/shawl type thing, i ended up purchasing a variety of other items. there's no place in my house i can take pictures with decent light due to the builders, so you'll have to live with stock photos.

this is the double u-neck dress that i already have in black, but this is sea blue. the model is posing in a seriously unattractive way, as she looks a little preggo. and she looks normal in the next one!
same dress, but in navy. however, i forgot that i bought one like this from h&m, so i will be exchanging in for the same one, in truffle.
this is truffle, which i adore. i don't have much of this kind of colour in my wardrobe, so i thought it'd be a nice addition. and it suits me - some colours are so gorgeous but they look terribly unflattering on my skintone/physique.
i've wanted this for ages but i never got round to buying it due to lack of $$. this is the baby rib dress, and even though it's one-size it fits me perfectly so i'm really happy with it. i look like a chinese morticia addams. which is basically all i ever want to look like.
it looks more of a very dark olive green, but this is a black chunky knit scarf from zara - it's super warm, and really basic with no fiddly sparkly bits.

american apparel are currently doing a 'back to school discount'; when you spend £50, you get £5 off, when you spend £100, you get £15 off, and when you spend £150 you get £30 off. i spent £104 so only paid £86.99. i was quite pleased with this.

spent the rest of the day with george, where i read david nicholls' One Day, then went to the last showing at the cinema around 11 o'clock. i actually cried in the cinema, which has only ever happened twice before. during harry potter <3

that's all i've got time for today, and again i'm sorry for being so absent. for anyone still reading this :)

Saturday, August 06, 2011


SO I'VE BEEN RATHER ABSENT; i apologise profusely. i left my camera upload cable at papa c's house so am relying on other people's photos of me for this photo post. extremely tired, and extremely brown but quite happy. and the weather is incredible, if not a little too hot. all i can bear to do is lie by the pool and sweat it out. i'll be working next week so there'll be a distinct lack of opportunity to go out and get hammered, etc, so i am taking advantage of my last week.

looking pretty local getting my lemon tea onnn with andrett.

at cheung chau beach getting extremely extremely brown with chien wei and louise. the twins look a little odd in this photo, excuseeeee me.

same day at night, went to fly where they have these awesome swings by the entrance. chien wei's working here so we were showing moral support/getting ladies' night free dranks

carnegies one night, getting the bar dance on. ver ver ver drunk hence the ENORMOUS smiling

another night at fly, i look a little like a hunchback but it's a nice photo

some peculiar doorway in korea that i wanted to be like narnia. shortly after this photo was taken i stepped through the doorway and saw aslan.

okay i'm kidding, i actually managed to trip over the little step because i'm just graceful like that.
an adorable monkey at the safari park we went to, who everybody insisted looked like me. i insisted that he wasn't reading a book or sulking and therefore looked nothing like me. then he started scratching himself all over and i was forced to admit that we were indeed human/monkey doppelgangers
me and mama c getting all korean-ed up. i know it looks like i'm pregnant what with the position of my hands and everything but i'm not, trust me. there's been no coitus.

well that's basically what i've been doing. except i have no photos of myself at the pool because i'd look pretty damn odd taking photos of myself while i'm alone...

Saturday, July 16, 2011


new dressssses, £20 for three. they're from h&m but they're pretty similar to the AA u-neck, just without the back dip. i'm verrrr happy. although i wish they had grey, green or a lighter blue. they do black as well, but i already have my AA one.

sorry for being kind of absent, i've been rushing around doing a lot of stuff, and also going out a lot... i actually have a birthday thing today so this is a really quick post.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

update number 2

floral playsuit/romper, h&m. this is a sort of unflattering picture, but i'm too tired to put it on and take more.

vest, h&m. didn't enjoy my face in this one, and i doubt anyone else would've either..

same vest, tucked into the back of my shorts.

what i wore yesterday to go shopping. then to the club for sunbathing and samosas for dinner

wednesday nights wanchai - ladies night, free champagne at carnegies.
thursday night LKF - ladies night, free cosmopolitans at 97
friday night wanchai - beer night at carnegies, $10 coronas. which translates to 80p.
saturday night wanchai - jager night at carnegies - $10 shots, $30 bombs.

this is where my liver goes to die. also, i bumped into a bunch of people from high school, and one of them, mahira, was telling me that on wednesdays there's a place where you go in and drink beer, but you can't pee or leave otherwise you have to pay or something along those lines. sounded delightful.

gonna have lunch with my grandpa and cousin vera today. i love dimsum.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

purchases and whatnot

this is going to be mostly image-based, as a warning.

so last night as i was waiting for justin to turn up and have drinks with me i did a spot of shopping in wanchai's various cheap shoe shops and chain stores. i didn't photograph everything i bought; i bought two pairs of sheer patterned tights, lace pop socks, a black h&m skirt and underwear that i couldn't be bothered to take decent photos of...i'm lazy on holiday.

V7frE8 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
what i wore to go out.
H&M olive green button-up top
H&M black shirt
TOPSHOP diamante studded shorts
CONVERSE black sneakers

silver smiley face ring & black multi-loop ring

papa cheung took me to page one and i got these three; i'm saving the stephen king for when i've finished reading all the books in my dad's house.

red, blue and green tie-dye maxi dress from maple. i've been looking for a vest-top kind of maxi dress, as all the ones i have are strappy.

silver stackable rings, h&m

revlon nail polishes; 917 plum seduction & 791 midnight affair

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


UNKNOWN black long-sleeved shirt
H&M black shirt
TOPSHOP black velvet leggings
TOPSHOP gunmetal pumps

wahey. i'm rather busy these days and i do apologise for the distinct lack of anything recently.

Friday, June 03, 2011


being crushed there's a deadweightdeadhate sitting on my chest hitting me where it hurts and i am being crushed. and i can't get up because i'm tied to all of you and you drag me down into the slime. although i don't mean to blame any of you for this deadhate because i criticise and destroy myself piece by piece without any help at all because i can because i can because i can't fucking move from this i can't move away from it.

consumed by an enormous hound of guilt i scream inside, but i can't have you hear me won't have you hear my thoughts. bringing myself to a point where i can't disappoint and then i do and so i lose again. this isn't even a game anymore but i still fucking lose time after time and i'm starting to believe that i won't ever get to winning. not even a top ten but surely enough that would be worse. i don't want to be an almost. i don't want to be a not quite. i want to be exceptional, or truly disgraceful because to be competent or adequate merely leads to my mediocrity. my mediocre life and my mediocre mind and my mediocre existence. and i don't ever want that.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


LK BENNETT navy striped cardigan
H&M black shirt
H&M grey skirt
TOPSHOP gunmetal flats
PRIMARK brown belt

excuse the slightly disgruntled face. i got my tattoo quotes today with george, and it'll be around £30 for my two little symbols. which is really quite good. i'm getting the sign of the deathly hallows on the left ankle - it's obvious why - and the infinity symbol on the right ankle. george and i are both getting it because i love her long time. that's all i have time for today. s2 exam tomorrow. bricking it ever so slightly.

Monday, May 23, 2011


these four things are the reasons i've not been a terribly active blogger. also the fact that i have been spending most of my waking hours in the library. i go to college until 4 or so, then to the library until 8, which is when it shuts. and then i go home. it's been a rather mundane repertoire, but one that is to be performed until my exams are over.

i am also finding myself more and more inclined towards curling up in a corner and staring at the wall. i don't particularly want to go anywhere, or do anything lately. perhaps i'm just tired. now if only a good night's sleep would cure me. not that it's terribly achievable, sleep evades me.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

scars and souvenirs

today's outfit

LK BENNETT navy striped cardigan
AA black u-neck dress
ASOS diagonal striped tights
VANS skull trail high-top vans

also JAEGER blue cardigan
this is a rather unremarkable outfit, and so i didn't put it on lookbook - in fact i've not put anything up since before easter since i've been wearing the same sort of thing most days. college is more work and less dressing up these days. however, george got us tickets to a kurt geiger event on wednesday at the covent garden store - it will be muchas fabulouso, and i will have a nice outfit on. and i shall take wonderful pictures. there was also talk of a goodie bag, which brings me much joy. however i did find a look from january which i must've just forgot to post, so i'm uploading that as we speak.

so click on this bad boy to get to my lookbook.

in rather less exciting news, i had to fight my way through the hordes of GCSE students who live in the library to acquire tables for myself and fiona today - i genuinely don't get why there are all these GCSE kids, but no A-level students at the library. i sure as hell didn't revise for my GCSE's and i did pretty damn good anyway...

also, the rather awkward and unfortunate event that is realising your ex still likes you occurred yesterday. had this happened a year after we broke up, i would have been pretty pleased. revenge, karma, whatever. now i'm just sort of distraught because i want him to be happy, and i like having him in my life, but i cannot sustain a friendship where i can't act like myself - sexually inappropriate and flirty - because i don't want to give the wrong impression. so i told him we couldn't be friends until there wasn't weirdness. and that's shitty because i like spending time with him, and i like his family, and we have good times together. but that's how it panned out, so i'm just going with it. and it's going to be a bit shit.

it's hard to stay here and be like this. it's getting harder and harder to remain.

Sunday, May 08, 2011


this is what heaven's like. in tights.

i remember a long time ago when i wasn't obsessed with hosiery. my god i could spend a thousand pounds on this site easily. every style they have comes in about 50 colours; basically my idea of heaven. since they ship from the US when i get money to order them, i'll be ordering in bulk. when you're paying $15 for shipping you'd better make it worth your while..

neil gaiman is a genius

i need to complete my sandman collection; so far i have brief lives, a game of you and dream country. and i need MOREEE


as always i end up at AA. and as always i'm having LBD fever. i should note that LBD also means long black dress in my case, as i've fallen in love with the baby rib long dress. the velvet tank pencil dress and the nylon tricot pencil dress are just more of my loves. and i must have the u-neck dress in several more colours.

christ i only ever want things when i haven't any money :(

Thursday, May 05, 2011

tattoo ideas

it's gonna be text. i think that my tattoos always will be words. at the moment i'm thinking about a literary tattoo, and shuffling around some ideas that just come to me. or more lyrics, quite probably beatles or john lennon's solo stuff. and i deeply desire a tattoo in elvish. or something from lotr. although i've already decided that i want the deathly hallows symbol. small, maybe thumbnail sized, thin black line. in the cleft of my ankle, if that makes sense.

* the world is quiet here - lemony snicket, a series of unfortunate events. in the font from the books, which is a kind of typewriter font.

* you don't have to stay anywhere forever - neil gaiman

* we are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams - roald dahl, charlie and the chocolate factory.

* tomorrow never knows - the beatles

*be resolute - marlowe's dr faustus

and i'm thinking things through properly, obviously. to be honest i don't see a way i would ever regret getting any of these tattoos, but i'm thinking about which ones i desperately love, and which ones i merely like. and i'll definitely be getting more ideas gathered before i make a decision. but i particularly adore the lemony snicket one, so that's a definite one for me.

Saturday, April 30, 2011


is both a great source of entertainment and procrastination.

films i've watched recently

films i need to watch

and nadia insists that i watch orphan, the kids, ken park and gummo but i'm pretty much a huge pussy and will only watch them in broad daylight. after our stephen king marathon, including it, i'm terrified. that clown is a scary motherfucker, and i'm not even scared of clowns.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

photo dump.

this is the most delicious sandwich i've ever had. incidentally, it was from a sandwich shop with a sign in the window proclaiming to have 'The Best Sandwiches In Amsterdam'. it was like a thousand tiny food orgasms. clarification; my face is superrrr hideous here but i like the picture, i didn't suddenly decide i'd look better as the comedian's badge

hello there. is this what heaven's like? parma ham, some crazily disgusting-smelling goat's cheese, more other cheese...man it was beautiful.

the only picture i managed to get of the goldmember 'shmoke and a pancake' series. this would be cigar and a waffle, and it was also delicious.

one of the many spliffs. this would be supa lemon hazeeee.

the condomerie, which i didn't notice until i noticed the sign. it looked like a really incredible shop, but it was shut when we went by :(

me and my beautiful big face on the coach on the way to amsterdam. i think at this point we were had just gone past, or were just about to go past eindhoven.

trying to figure out the damn lock on my bike. ingenious system, but i'm clearly unable to work machinery. although backpedaling to brake proved easier after a while.

katherine and i in a GIANT clog :)

there's also a picture that i've taken from my camera in this photo, so it's got william from behind and katherine from the front, but no terry :(

so that's a photo dump for now, i don't have time to do much else, on the way to a lunch
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