Tuesday, July 05, 2011

update number 2

floral playsuit/romper, h&m. this is a sort of unflattering picture, but i'm too tired to put it on and take more.

vest, h&m. didn't enjoy my face in this one, and i doubt anyone else would've either..

same vest, tucked into the back of my shorts.

what i wore yesterday to go shopping. then to the club for sunbathing and samosas for dinner

wednesday nights wanchai - ladies night, free champagne at carnegies.
thursday night LKF - ladies night, free cosmopolitans at 97
friday night wanchai - beer night at carnegies, $10 coronas. which translates to 80p.
saturday night wanchai - jager night at carnegies - $10 shots, $30 bombs.

this is where my liver goes to die. also, i bumped into a bunch of people from high school, and one of them, mahira, was telling me that on wednesdays there's a place where you go in and drink beer, but you can't pee or leave otherwise you have to pay or something along those lines. sounded delightful.

gonna have lunch with my grandpa and cousin vera today. i love dimsum.

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