Saturday, July 16, 2011


new dressssses, £20 for three. they're from h&m but they're pretty similar to the AA u-neck, just without the back dip. i'm verrrr happy. although i wish they had grey, green or a lighter blue. they do black as well, but i already have my AA one.

sorry for being kind of absent, i've been rushing around doing a lot of stuff, and also going out a lot... i actually have a birthday thing today so this is a really quick post.


  1. i love AA over H&M, but i'm not sure about the quality... good luck on the choices.

  2. i've heard bad things about the quality of AA, but i've never had a problem. my issue with AA is purely financial, as i really can't afford to buy a lot of their stuff full price - i wait until the sales :)

  3. you know this counts as colour blocking
    i am ashamed

  4. bitchplz. it's not colour blocking, it's just colour

    also after you gave me a heart attack about buying a 'bright red bra' so shh.


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