Saturday, August 06, 2011


SO I'VE BEEN RATHER ABSENT; i apologise profusely. i left my camera upload cable at papa c's house so am relying on other people's photos of me for this photo post. extremely tired, and extremely brown but quite happy. and the weather is incredible, if not a little too hot. all i can bear to do is lie by the pool and sweat it out. i'll be working next week so there'll be a distinct lack of opportunity to go out and get hammered, etc, so i am taking advantage of my last week.

looking pretty local getting my lemon tea onnn with andrett.

at cheung chau beach getting extremely extremely brown with chien wei and louise. the twins look a little odd in this photo, excuseeeee me.

same day at night, went to fly where they have these awesome swings by the entrance. chien wei's working here so we were showing moral support/getting ladies' night free dranks

carnegies one night, getting the bar dance on. ver ver ver drunk hence the ENORMOUS smiling

another night at fly, i look a little like a hunchback but it's a nice photo

some peculiar doorway in korea that i wanted to be like narnia. shortly after this photo was taken i stepped through the doorway and saw aslan.

okay i'm kidding, i actually managed to trip over the little step because i'm just graceful like that.
an adorable monkey at the safari park we went to, who everybody insisted looked like me. i insisted that he wasn't reading a book or sulking and therefore looked nothing like me. then he started scratching himself all over and i was forced to admit that we were indeed human/monkey doppelgangers
me and mama c getting all korean-ed up. i know it looks like i'm pregnant what with the position of my hands and everything but i'm not, trust me. there's been no coitus.

well that's basically what i've been doing. except i have no photos of myself at the pool because i'd look pretty damn odd taking photos of myself while i'm alone...

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