Sunday, May 15, 2011

scars and souvenirs

today's outfit

LK BENNETT navy striped cardigan
AA black u-neck dress
ASOS diagonal striped tights
VANS skull trail high-top vans

also JAEGER blue cardigan
this is a rather unremarkable outfit, and so i didn't put it on lookbook - in fact i've not put anything up since before easter since i've been wearing the same sort of thing most days. college is more work and less dressing up these days. however, george got us tickets to a kurt geiger event on wednesday at the covent garden store - it will be muchas fabulouso, and i will have a nice outfit on. and i shall take wonderful pictures. there was also talk of a goodie bag, which brings me much joy. however i did find a look from january which i must've just forgot to post, so i'm uploading that as we speak.

so click on this bad boy to get to my lookbook.

in rather less exciting news, i had to fight my way through the hordes of GCSE students who live in the library to acquire tables for myself and fiona today - i genuinely don't get why there are all these GCSE kids, but no A-level students at the library. i sure as hell didn't revise for my GCSE's and i did pretty damn good anyway...

also, the rather awkward and unfortunate event that is realising your ex still likes you occurred yesterday. had this happened a year after we broke up, i would have been pretty pleased. revenge, karma, whatever. now i'm just sort of distraught because i want him to be happy, and i like having him in my life, but i cannot sustain a friendship where i can't act like myself - sexually inappropriate and flirty - because i don't want to give the wrong impression. so i told him we couldn't be friends until there wasn't weirdness. and that's shitty because i like spending time with him, and i like his family, and we have good times together. but that's how it panned out, so i'm just going with it. and it's going to be a bit shit.

it's hard to stay here and be like this. it's getting harder and harder to remain.

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