Sunday, May 08, 2011


this is what heaven's like. in tights.

i remember a long time ago when i wasn't obsessed with hosiery. my god i could spend a thousand pounds on this site easily. every style they have comes in about 50 colours; basically my idea of heaven. since they ship from the US when i get money to order them, i'll be ordering in bulk. when you're paying $15 for shipping you'd better make it worth your while..

neil gaiman is a genius

i need to complete my sandman collection; so far i have brief lives, a game of you and dream country. and i need MOREEE


as always i end up at AA. and as always i'm having LBD fever. i should note that LBD also means long black dress in my case, as i've fallen in love with the baby rib long dress. the velvet tank pencil dress and the nylon tricot pencil dress are just more of my loves. and i must have the u-neck dress in several more colours.

christ i only ever want things when i haven't any money :(

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