Monday, February 14, 2011


after reading this post on lauren's blog about the average british woman's make up bag being worth over £265, i thought i'd rootle through mine and see how much make-up i was carrying around. i was pretty sure mine wouldn't be astronomical, and would definitely not rival the worth of the electronics i carry around in my college bay everyday, but i thought i would do a picture post. i've not done an outfit post, or a beauty post, or anything that isn't the depressing monologue of my life lately... continuing in a similar vein, i thought i'd also do 'what's in my bag', blogger cliché that it is.

this is my make-up bag - it's pretty small, especially when compared to the sacks i've seen some people carry around all day.

fasio liquid eyeliner = £7
bobbi brown long wear gel eyeliner = £15.50
refillable eyebrow shaper = 15 HKD, approximately £1
eyeliner brush, part of a set = approximately £4
sue moxley famous eyeshadow trio = £5
the spoolie i got from mac while george and i were browsing, i figured i needed one and they were free...
mirenesse red lipliner = 15 HKD, so approximately £1
clinique super balm = in a set, for the 4ml it's approximately £3
lancome l'absolu rouge lipstick = in a set, approx £5
arezia concealer = 20 HKD, approximately £1.50
the body shop lip and cheek stain = £10

lancome powder = £23
body shop face brush = part of a set, approximately £6

so my total racks in at £82, which is more than i expected but still not anywhere near the insane amount of £265. to be fair, i'm a college student and i don't have a job. however, all the make-up i have added up would probably come to an obscene amount of money, especially if you included nail polish. if i had a steady, well-paying job, then everything would be either bobbi brown, or MAC. even the brushes are over £20 a pop, so i'd soon be reaching that total.

just for comparison's sake.
ipod nano 4th gen = approximately £100
ipod touch 3rd gen = approximately £150
blackberry curve 8520 = approximately £130

...i think it's safe to say i will be insuring my electronics, not my make-up bag.

and here is my college bag's contents.
clockwise, from top left.
powder and brush, as they don't fit in my make-up bag.
my make-up bag.
cigarette tin.
books, notes, calculator & pencil case
turquoise clipper
koi carp zippo
ipod headphone speaker, urban outfitters
asos tortoiseshell sunglases
ipod touch
ipod nano
bottle of water

and the camera would be in there, but i used it to take the photo. clearly.

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