Monday, January 24, 2011

death and all his friends

despite the gloomy title i have bright shiny stuff to show you; namely my nails, and my new and improved blackberry case.

i thought i'd try out these fimo canes as i've seen them pretty much all over the internet world of nails. i bought them from this seller, at a very reasonable price £3.99 with free shipping to UK. they're from hong kong so they may take a little longer than usual. they say 12-24 working days but i received mine in 10, so you may be lucky! if you'd like them ASAP order before the 29th, as they will be off ebay until the 10th february due to chinese new year, which i'm rather excited about :) chinese new year's my favourite holiday - like christmas, but without crappy gifts you don't want. just money.
yes, the fimo cane decoration spread to my phone. i had a shiny silver case on my blackberry, which unfortunately due to wear and tear garnered a few worn places where the 'silver' had rubbed off. sunday night i'd done two-thirds of this from the camera hole down to the opposite corner, and today when nadia came over i figured i'd do the rest. she had the same problem with her phone so she did something similar, which i forgot to take a picture of. i did manage to take one of her but i'm pretty sure she won't want it floating around the internet XD
these are the fimo canes, and nadia's hand. the only thing with the canes that i can fault is that none of the sellers take pictures of the actual canes. they all have the note underneath that the canes may differ from the picture shown on the listing. whether this means each package is different or the seller's just lazy, i don't know. but i'd like more variety, particularly in colours. there's a great deals of reds, oranges, yellows and green, but very little blues and purples. and i'd prefer not to have the louis vuitton or dior logo on my nails, so those are going to go to waste.

my exams are finally over! so i'm rather happy about going back to regular lessons. i may jump for joy. but i won't because i'm in bed already and jumping for joy would require getting out of bed. so this is my happy face. you can't see my dress terribly clearly but it's an old h&m bodycon that i wear whenever i miss the good old days. i'm living exclusively in this and my two aa dresses at the moment. i can rarely be bothered to get dressed properly.

i'm also juggling several books at the moment. i keep starting new books without finishing old ones, or re-reading old books. at the moment i'm reading;
  • beloved - toni morrison
  • blind faith - ben elton
  • unseen academicals - terry pratchett
  • the godfather of kathmandu - john burdett
  • the very thought of you - rosie alison
  • the gulag archipelago - alexander solzhenitsyn
  • house rules - jodi picoult
i have got to finish all these without starting new books. although the ben elton gets priority because it's a library book which needs returning, and the toni morrison is on loan to me from the english department. i borrowed the solzhenitsyn from elaine's room but i don't think they'll notice if i keep it.. it's a rather hefty read which i may have to reserve for easter or something. i've also just finished selling the last of my things on ebay, but i'm considering selling a few more things. i know topshop items always sell quickly, so i have a jumper and a dress that i'm thinking about selling. and possibly a pair of john rocha oxford heels. even though selling heels is an enormous hassle since i have to procure shoeboxes and whatnot. they seem rather low in the first picture, but that's a better representation of their colour. i'm not sure how i feel about them.

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  1. Your phone case is amazing! I'd love something like that :D

    I'm getting a new blackberry soon, so I may just do that.


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