Friday, January 14, 2011

just a quick one.

lately i've been on the WAH nails website, and fuckyeahprettynails's tumblr a lot. i'm having a nail month. i ordered nail pens which got here today. out of the 24, three of the brushes were curved, including the white one which is of course incredibly annoying since that's a basic one. and i ordered assorted fimo canes from ebay, which i'm waiting on. this is my latest manicure :)

i did the left hand first of course, but i'm gonna try and recreate on the other hand. my hands are generally quite steady but this is quite a fiddly one. i don't have another real exam until the 24th so i'm giving myself a weekend off from the crazy revision schedule i've been living recently. study leave started this monday and ends on the 27th, and i've gone into college every day since it started. i feel more secure this time around. i regret not working last year, but i suppose i'll have to make it up. i'm still waiting on king's and exeter to get back to me, which at the earliest is after saturday. the waiting sucks.

1 comment:

  1. awesome nails! I wish I could do stuff like that, but it just looks plain bad.



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