Tuesday, January 18, 2011

tainted obligation

i've been re-watching grey's anatomy, so all my look titles and my blog posts will be titles of episodes. which are also all song names.

L K Bennett nautical striped cardigan
Lacoste polo shirt
Levi's leather belt & denim cutoffs
Urban Outfitters polka-dot tights & black lace-up shoes

i've decided I should start doing outfit posts. i have lookbook, but sometimes i feel like writing about my personal life in the box is odd. and this way i can add in other things that i've been looking at, and talk about my day. i like this idea. and i think bringing back the song lists would be nice. my mum's ill. pneumonia, or a chest infection. i don't know which, but i'm still worried.

a national acrobat; black sabbath
blue ridge mountains; fleet foxes
kelly watch the stars; air
jump; van halen

1 comment:

  1. I love your tights! I had a pair like that, but they ripped. I'm so difficult with tights :(


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