Monday, January 10, 2011

every now and then i fall apart.

this is going to be another image-heavy post, i've got way too much i want to post.

my asos dress arrived :) i didn't actually notice the beaded part on the side when buying the dress but i actually like it quite a lot.

what i wore today.
Jaeger grey cardigan
ASOS nude slip dress & strapping tights
American Apparel black u-neck short sleeved dress
Converse black sneakers

this is from toby jones's lonely hearts club collection - i fell in love with it after seeing his work on Kingdom of Style. more of his work can be found at his site.

pauline van dongen shoes; she's a designer from the netherlands. love love love.

sarah brannon's chelsea rebelle collection. love the fabrics, and the whole collection's generally aesthetically pleasing.

brian atwood's harrison. that chain detail is incredible.

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