Wednesday, March 17, 2010

losing my religion

vikipants and georgepants

every whisper
of every waking hour I'm
choosing my confessions
trying to keep an eye on you
like a hurt lost and blinded fool

hmm. i think that everything is alright at the moment. things are okay and i don't feel bad inside. i don't feel worthless anymore, and i don't know why, but i'm glad for it. i have maths homework to do and an english cw piece to polish for friday, but that's okay. perhaps this is some kind of momentary happiness brought on by the weather, or perhaps i've had one of those realizations without even realizing. if that makes sense. i still miss how i was when i was a lot younger. maybe 8. but i was a spoilt bitch at 8. one of those precocious know-it-all kids who made you want to punch them in the face. after everything, i think i'm better. as better as i'm going to get by myself. and that's okay.

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