Sunday, March 07, 2010

work was tiring.

i didn't serve one dish today because i was so busy serving drinks and wiping dishes. not to mention the fact that i kind of need a drink and i was face-to-face with a liquor cabinet for most of the day. i'm exhausted but can't sleep for some reason. and i need a fricking ciggggg ugh this is bad. i'm seeing jason tomorrow which i expect will be a nice way to relax after work. well, not relax as such, but whatever. i saw something earlier which irritated the hell out of me, but oh well. no-one gets my point on this, or why i hold it, but i don't feel like i have to explain. or that i know how to explain without explaining other things that should be left alone. fuck fuck balls.

i'm going to sleep, more work tomorrow.

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