Friday, March 26, 2010

that pistol-packin' hermaphrodite

today has been a good day. it was a bit cold at around break, but it wasn't so bad after. got chips and went back to whitmore, mr ford and matt then ate most of said chips. matt then superglued himself to a superglue bottle and a student's work - we took photos. buffed more shoe polish into the boot and then buffed that over with a cloth. my arms ache. sushi dinnnner - yum. then my mum shits all over it by being a moody bitch, but whatever. she was telling some stupid story about my father/me as a child blah blah blah. i hate how she always makes him sound like a cunt. just because he fucked up really badly doesn't mean he was always a total dickbag. it's irritating. and i'm fat.vnefa;bisdkvz b.dfnsl fucking fuck fuck balls. i like food too much. some people quit drinking, i have to quit eating. balls. food is just so delectable. this is why i never went down the anorexia path, but then again it's not like bulimia is a better option. ugh. i feel like shit, and i feel like i want a drink. i just want to lie here and drink and read a book and pass out. things are bad again. even though they were good. i'm so screwy atm with the moods and the feelings and shit. one minute i want to punch something, the next i'm crying my eyes out. or then i feel the urge to ring anyone i have a possibility of getting a shag from. this year has been somewhat turbulent. and my heart hurts.

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