Sunday, March 07, 2010

csi sundays

best part of the week. staying at georgia's tomorrow night, going pubbing and then college in the morning being that her house is practically next to my college. probably rolling in hangover but do i care? NAY. i'm pretty tired from work but i'm trying to guard against collapsing early because then i'll wake up at 5 am. and 3-6 am is a dangerous time for me to be awake, so i plan my sleep schedule around this. i'll let myself sleep in about twenty minutes.

i'm not doing much in the way of creative input. i want to scrap my room but cba. i'm decorating a new folder, but i have to buy some shit from staples to actually finish it. mostly glitter and sticky wrap. my old folder has defunct clips and is kind of ragged. by the time i finish this folder it'll probably be halfterm, so i'll use the new one after. i have too much time to plan these things. i wish the folder was white because then everything would stand out really well on it. but it's red. you must be able to get white ones, i'll look the next time i'm in staples. and i need the silver/gold markers. and perhaps nib tippex. and holographic card. and tissue paper.

okay so i need to restock a lot of shit. and i want to move out into some poky little flat with dirty wooden floorboards and chalkboard painted walls. just so i could draw all over everything, and when i got bored i could wipe it all off and start again. or maybe i just want to move out..

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