Friday, March 19, 2010


fuck you, just go and die in a hole somewhere. just go fuck yourself up the arse and die. ugh, you are a piece of shit and you don't even know it. can you just go away? you're a piece of fucking shit! why the fuck are you going to ruin my day with your shit? i hate you but i kind of don't so please just go away and stop filling my head and my news feed with your shit. and your love. and your bluebirds and your sunshine just fuck off. please. UGH you're such a fucking douche and you don't know how i feel and you have got to be as thick as two short planks not to get it. but i guess you don't see it because you don't see me which is horrific, but then again you're a fucking wanker.

fuck. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck shit fuck.
i am going to stab someone.

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