Sunday, November 29, 2009

in bed watching CSI and drinking enough water to fill a tub.

i'm trying to detox. which, admittedly, is somewhat counteracted by the smoking. but i'm trying to cut down on fizz and drink my recommended two litres. i've been peeing like crazy. maaaaan i'm real tired. my wrists are itchyyyy, as is the rest of my arms. and also some of my leg. perhaps more allergies are surfacing. whatever. i can't find my clinique moisturizer. this is stressing me out hugely for something so miniscule.

i feel like my brain's not working. i had a cleaning fit earlier and i can now see parts of my room/bed/floor/desk that i haven't seen in a good month or so. i just forget to put laundry away and that shit piles up. but anyway. i just feel so disconnected with everything at the moment. when i'm alone i just seem to melt into myself until i'm just sitting there staring at nothing. i pull myself together once a week when i have to see people, but the loneliness isn't even painful anymore. it's just a part of me. bloody bloody bloody bloody bloody fuck.

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