Thursday, November 19, 2009

down for no reason at all.

i don't want to do anything except lie here. i'm tired. i collapsed against the fridge earlier because i got really dizzy. ate half a bowl of vegetables. made green jello. will eat green jello tomorrow when it's said. don't want a relapse. reaaaaallly don't want a relapse. because it will fuck with me severely. because it always does. and i am trying really really hard but sometimes when i sit and think about it, i'm actually disgusting. what to do, what to do. i don't even have the energy to cry.

but i digress. the more i think about this bowl of green jello sitting in the fridge the hungrier i get. i have differentiation questions for tomorrow but i really don't want to do anything at all. i'm listening to lady gaga before she was lady gaga, and she really can sing. but then she's forgettable. that's life i guess.

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