Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i've managed to be a wreck today.

woke up late for college, threw some clothes on and got in a cab. met luke and katherine at the wall, had a smoke, and then went to tutorial. had my HPV, arm is now numb. spent most of the day ripping my jeans further. fun times, amirite?

i want to start a 365 blog. or do something new. i want to find a way to be new.
i want to find a way to be clean.

but i got home and had some altercation with my mother. asked if she wanted dinner, made it. came out to find it untouched on the table. nearly threw it at her. ate, she came over and declared my vegetables undercooked. i'm like, they're vegetables you knob, i would they were raw but you like to steam the nutrients out of everything. she complains more, i sit there gnawing on a carrot stick. we sit and watch chinese soap operas. i cry. felt like an idiot. cleared the table and put the laundry on spin.

life has been generally mundane.
oh and luke poured a bottle of coke on my head today
what the frick

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