Sunday, November 22, 2009

i have to find some-one new to screw.


"wanna fuck"
"no i got some-one new to fuck"
"oh yeah i saw, sweet."
"yeah, your 'services' are no longer required"
"for your sake i hope she likes giving you blowjobs"

"unfortunately no, i will miss that"

the moral of this short and incredibly sordid story is that when you stop fucking me, you stop getting blowjobs. and you end up with some girl who let you shag her, but won't blow you. whatever. the only annoying thing about this whole situation is that i have to find some-one new to screw. and this was such a comfortable arrangement.

i hate the fact that i always manage to garner the exception. jonny is cracking me up by insisting that i have happened upon such an anomaly and that every other dude is normal. i lol'd. honestly though. i don't want a relationship because i can't have a relationship, i don't want romance and 'i love you' and all of it because it still kind of reminds me of a better time. all i want to do is have semi-regular casual sex with some-one who doesn't have such fucking issues.

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