Sunday, November 15, 2009

still in a disturbing amount of pain.

carmen is in the fucking shower so i can't even wash my face or anything. so i went and took pictures out of my brother's window instead. and i totally feel like shit, so i'm just going to take painkillers and drink vitamin c fizzy bullshit. i found really pretty pink painkillers in the house; which makes up for the fact that i can't find the vaseline tin of paracetamol powder anywhere. if my mother finds that she's going to think it's coke or something, which could only add to my worries. i want to go and sit outside so i can get some fresh air, but then even walking to the bathroom is causing intense pain. i'll make do with the open window. i'm going to chill in bed and watch movies on the internet or maybe do the history essay that i owe lee. fuck. i probably have other work as well but i really can't do it. i have to finalize the plan for andrew, fill out a reading log for judith, work on chemistry in general because i'm two steps away from failing, and then do maths questions. differentiation..wut.


  1. it's from the pitcher frameeee on your windowsill with the picture of you with the gun :)


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