Saturday, November 07, 2009

i love sample sales.

reiss sample sale todayyyy :)
got this fluid men's jersey, £60 to £15, silky scarf thing for £15, and a £60 gold purse down to a tenner.

and dorothy perkins was having a tights sale so i went in there and blew more money XD blue, turquoise, green and purple.

george got 120 quid shoes down to 40, then to 25 :D
then we wandered around london, and happened upon a delightful blinese guy in h&m who i've realized i'm in love with, then bought a lint roller cuz i'm that cool. wandered about a little more, then decided i was going to watford to buy nerds and candy canes from this one sweetshop; but when i got there, there weren't any normal candy canes, and they only has nerds rope, so i bought the rope and some runts as well. and a gobstopper because i love those things :D

i spent way too much money today, but it was totally worth it. i got like, £170's worth of stuff for about £50. which makes me a happy bunny. and i need a new baggy cardigan; my mother seems to have taken her polo one back. when i'm an adult i'm going to live in sample sales. because i'm that cheap.

life is good :)
and i've just been asked if i want to have sex.
i lol'd

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