Tuesday, December 01, 2009

teenage dirtbag

always comes up on spotify.

i'm realll tired but i want to watch SATC. or maybe i should go to sleep at a decent hour for once. or maybe not. who knows. i should probably go take a shower and wash the mop i call hair. it's icky. the weather is ridiculous. i'm still not wearing jeans and it's like 3 degress celsius. or something. maybe it'll snow this christmas and i'll get to forget. i don't think dad's coming over for the new year this year. i don't think my brother and i are so high on his priority list anymore. not surprising really. but c'est la vie.

not like i can make him do anything. i've decided i'm going to get driving lessons. if only so that i can drive around instead of waiting around on shitty public transport or expecting my mother to ferry me about. i'm going to go and listen to placebo and take a showerrr

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