Friday, December 11, 2009

today has been standard.

i have work tomorrow and i'm way tired. i have to wash my hair in the morning.
jason decided to go on facebook chat to me and say 'i miss ur mouth'
i'm like... crass much?
and now you regret it.
tbh, i'm not really bothered about getting laid at this point in time. i have too much work to do, and exams, and just ugh. i've never been at a point when i'm dying for a shag. cigarettes is a wholeeeee different story. so whatever. perhaps i'll give into the carnal instinct of mindless fucking or perhaps i'll disdain him. i don't know. right now all i can think about right now is crawling into bed and having a nice long sleep.

i'm running on empty and can't do much about it. however, natteh just rang - she's at paramore - so i had a nice listen. :)

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