Friday, December 11, 2009

everytime i think about you

i feel like some-one has taken me and clenched me. just crushed me in a giant fist. you drive me insane without even knowing it and i don't think i care anymore. i have a maths mock tomorrow afternoon. i'm going to die die die die. i start late though, so it's cooool. i might or might not be seeing beckyyy tomorrow - hopefully i will. i haven't seen her in absolutely ages. there are so many things i haven't done in so long and it's beginning to spill. i'm not sure if i can go on pretending. i'm not sure i need to. i'm not sure of anything at all.

i have to go to harrow tomorrow morning and buy cigarettes and possibly go to burger king and get 'tater tots'. i love napoleon dynamite. why aren't things easier?

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