Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i'm watching grey's anatomy online

this makes me laugh.

starting from season three. i'm waiting for new 90210 episodes. i spend a great deal of time watching television series on the internet. we're having roast chicken tonight. mm, i love roast chicken. i really got to wash my hair. and i have to do today's shuttercal entry, which i'm sure i will tire of by possibly march. but i'm determined to do it for the whole 365 days.

i am currently reworking and refining some of my more shoddily written poetry for a competition. i'm submitting a group of five as required, three of which are a trilogy. i'm having a little trouble finding suitable line rhythm. it's a little embarrassing to read work i wrote at 13, 14. i was such an angsty little bundle of nerves, it's actually slightly scary. i'm still angsty and nervy, just in lesser quantities.

i think i'm in trouble.

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