Monday, January 11, 2010

mmmmm vagina monologues

birger mikkelsen <3

alexander mcqueen boot.
seriously, to die for. and the ankle socks are equally lovely.

alexander mcqueen gold hidden platform. that heel detail is incredibleeeeee

dior <3

today henry and i waited for each other's buses.
we're so clever

viva la white girl - gym class heroes


  1. you have such an intriguing blog! the title is funny, and the featured pics are interesting too. i've been in love with those alex mcqueen shoes since the first time i saw it on the net. the details of the heels whisper fantasy, which i love.

  2. love the gold shoes

  3. vinda;
    thanks! my college schedule allows me to wake up late on mondays, which is why i like them so much :)
    the shoes are just to die for. i can't remember what exactly it is that the heels remind me of, but i think it was a movie. god they're so beautiful. i'm kind of having a laced boot fascination at the moment.

  4. the shoes are deff. another level i want them all <3 check out my blog


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