Thursday, January 07, 2010

got dressed just to go to mcdonalds.

i've been watching CSI non-stop lately. i've not been inspired lately to do anything new with clothes besides embroider the sleeves of my men's shirts with hearts and whatnot. it's too cold to bother. perhaps when it warms up a bit i might work on cut-outs.

on the way home, two policemen asked me if i was cold. i said not really, and they chuckled and went, 'you're a lot braver than us'. i lol'd. also, i would look terrible in a police uniform. i have to take the baubles off the christmas tree. i'll do this later. i am still yet to revise besides from reading half my C1 textbook last night. i should really do some history. but alas, i am a lazy cunt.

Today, I was going to the bathroom. As I was about to wipe, I noticed that the toilet paper had butterflies printed on it. Never before had I felt bad for wiping my ass. FML

this made me laugh, for once.

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