Tuesday, June 22, 2010


1. my slammin' body. NAHT. but i'm working on that.
2. listening to recovery. eminem is a lyrical master. 'i'm lightning in a skillet you're a flash in the pan' jesus christ.
3. reading vladimir nabokov's lolita - i expected to be thoroughly disturbed but it's not obscene at all. well, in the sense that there aren't swear words and shit, but there are descriptions of 'nymphlets' that are a little disconcerting. so far, good read.
4. reading atonement by ian mcewan. not terribly captivating. but i might be doing it next year so i've got to try.
5. writing a gothic short story for some comp at school. might do two, one serious and one parody.

'In the corner of this dank grotto lay a chest. Unadorned, with a simple brass lock, cracked open. She brushed the lock with her bloodied hand and a shriek came from within the worn wood, fading as quickly as it had come. Dare she open it? Father Michael had warned her against these forest caves. ‘Full of tortured souls,’ he had said, but it was too late now, for the small, pale hand had unclasped the chest, and then she was gone. Taken.'

i can't even write what i'm feeling today. i want to say all these things and i can't. it's like an emptiness. which is filled with pain and anger. see, it doesn't make sense. i just want to sleep it all away. i want to wake up to find that things are nice and that you might be there.

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