Thursday, June 17, 2010

more shiny new stuff.

things i bought at debenhams;

henry holland playsuit, £10 sale.

topshop sunglasses, £15.

two sets of rings, topshop, £5 per trio.

t-b; pearl and gold ring, black and grey portraiture ring, black rose ring

l-r; owl ring, Love ring [topshop], gold and silver bands [topshop] and my sapphire and diamond ring from thailand which is probably the most expensive thing i own.

doubletone tights, topshop, £4 sale.

i'm having a ring thing right now. was going to buy a blue dress like the playsuit but decided against it. also wanted marl trackies from topshop but they're kind of a maybe. mmm i'm chilled atm. got some maths homework to do but i'm still chilllll. life is nice.

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