Sunday, June 20, 2010

just awake and being alive and such

just watched superbad - i love that fucking film. i'd forgotten how much i loved it but it is hilarious. and i'm just lying here, chillin'. in bed. yeah i like my bed. i jam in my bed. i like to lie here and have elaborate daydreams when i should be working. thinking up scraps of words for things to write. i have a gothic writing contest at college which i'm going to enter - the shit we came up with in english was fucking brilliant - a faceless werewolf ninja and a dungeon under a church and some shit like that. got my nails done with OPI's bling dynasty, two coats. a third would have made it solid but i kind of like this inbetweeny sheer you can only see when you hold up to the light. lots of things have changed but i think almost all of it has been nice. and that's good because no-one is nice anymore. that sounds ridiculous. but everyone's angry. but that's alright because everyone can be nice. and that's good. and everything is always nicer when everyone else is asleep and i'm just alone with my thoughts and the sound of silence shall we say. i'm going to start reading lolita by vladimir nabokov tomorrow when i get home from george's. i've been meaning to read it since i remember it being mentioned in an adrian mole book, and i got it out of the library. and i got atonement by ian mcewan out as well. this summer is going to be largely dominated by gothic literature and drinking. perhaps not at the same time.

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