Thursday, April 29, 2010

just reminiscing

me + mon on the way out.

this picture just cracked me up
brian has the best face

get crunk. it's just tits in this picture. and my back.

this is last summer. also, this shows what my hair does through a night out in hk. tied up at first to avoid it sticking to me - sunny days = sweatssss. then i pull it out and it's quite composed for a bit, looks sort of wavy and shampoo ad. and then finally it's 5 am and i'm a sweaty bitch.

er yeah, i should have been asleep a while ago. plus i have a c2 mock tomorrow so i should get rest. but meh. i'm kind of awake. i also really need to pee so i'll probably check that shit out in a sec.

we pity in others only those evils which we ourselves have experienced - jean jacques rousseau

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