Sunday, April 25, 2010

i swear i could spend whatever on it

i took this for a photo contest; title; pills.
i think the white one on the top is nurofen. i don't know what any of the others are, i just looked through the medicine cabinet and took a bunch.

i think i need to weigh myself again but i think it'd be better if this didn't become one of those horrendously personal weight blogs. i have xanga for that. i don't think i'm ready to be public about most of this. not sure if i'll ever be. but i realize that. so it's okay. i just finished off a history essay and i'm just lying in bed reading at the moment. might watch a film later. it's sunday so i guess postsecret's updated. i'll take a look in a bit.


forrest gump always makes me cry. the bit at the end where he meets his kid always gets me and when he asks if he's stupid... and when he's talking to jenny's grave...oh man <3


  1. I watched forrest gump the other day for like the billionth time. Always cry too

  2. it's guaranteed to make me sad, but it's such a good film :)


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